Terms and Conditions

Agreement of Users

Current agreement of user (further- «Agreement») regulates relations between you (further- «User») and the company «AREV TV INCORPORATED» (further- «Administrator») on use of the service www. AREV.TV. 

In case of disagreement in any terms of the current Agreement, we ask you not to use the service in any form. The date of sign of the current Agreement will be considered the date when you start to use the service. 


1.  Resource or service

The sum of the programs and technical solutions, by which the “User” gets an access to the Content, activates consistently getting access to watch it free and without any payment or after payment and registration. The right of usage of data and programs (active or not active) are transmitted to the Administrator from the User in terms defined in the current Agreement.     

2.  User

Individual (reached the age of 18 and more), having access to the service by internet, who completed the registration and finished Acceptance of Agreement.

3.  Content

The Administrator has the unique rights, in accordance to the conditions of the agreements with the right holders, on the Audiovisual products, which can be accessed only after paying the subscribers’ fee. For the avoidance of doubt trailers are not included in the concept of Content.  

4.  Programs of clients

The right holder of Software for OTT internet television AREV TV, located on the domain Arevt.tv, is Old School company, with the address in the Republic of Armenia, Yerevan, Dzorap str. 40. 

5.  Right for the paid content

The rights, purchased by the monthly fee and after finishing the registration process, let to watch the paid content, create temporary Content copies on the Users’ Android and iOS devices and use personal account. 

6.  Right on activated data and commands

Rights, that let the User, without any payment and registration, watch trailers, add a Content in «Favorites» and watch the description of the Content.

7.  Subscription

Gives the User right to use Clients’ programs on their own way, and right to access the Content for certain payment and in the certain frames of time, in accordance with the conditions of the current Agreement. 

8.  Reward

Payment to the Administrator for giving the User rights to use the inactivated data and commands, in the frames and terms of the current Agreement. The Amount of the reward is defined in the section 3 of the current Agreement. 

9.  Auto-extension of Subscription

Function, provided by the Service without any payment for automatically extent the Subscription.

10. Acceptance of Agreement

The procedure of registration (appropriation of login and password), by which the User confirms the terms and conditions of the Agreement. The fact of usage of the Service, by the User, in any form, is the full and unconditional Acceptance of the current Agreement.   

11. Territory

The whole world


1.  The Administrator provides the User with an urgent revocable nonexclusive license for using the Clients’ programs, with the term of following the conditions of the current Agreement and payment of the Subscription.  

2.  The current Agreement establishes common conditions for using the Service

3.  For using the Service the User has to, in accordance to the current Agreement, confirm that he/she has read, understood and agreed to follow the current Agreement, and to join the current Agreement in general, in the way of registration (Acceptance of Agreement). From the moment of Acceptance of Agreement, the current Agreement is recognized as signed and the User gets the rights and has to perform the duties in accordance with the current Agreement.

4.  The Administrator reserves the right in his/her own way to change and (or) fill in the Agreement any time, without prior and (or) further notice to the User.

5.  By registering on the Resource (Service), the User agrees to get messages about further general events taken place on the Resource (Service): new Content placement, special offers, as well as other information, by the e-mail which was used during the registration and/or, if applicable, on the subscription number. 

6.  By Accepting current Agreement, the User agrees to collect and to use any information received in the result of registration. The Administrator has the right to use such information for invoicing, technical service, regulation of conflicts, marketing or in other such cases. 

7.  The Content in the Service will be placed in Armenian, Russian and English languages and with subtitles in other language, as selected. The User accepts and agrees to watch the Content in the language which is available on the Service. 

8.  The obligation of the Administrator on giving rights of usage of inactivated data and command, is being considered done by the Administrator in the moment of subscription payment.



1.  The rights mentioned in the 2.1 of the current Agreement are provided to the User only with the condition of a monthly payment for Premium package, which is 3.5 US dollars. Commission costs of all payment systems are being paid by Aret.tv.    

2.  The duty of the User for paying the Subscription is being considered done, from the moment the Administrator gets the correspondent confirmation from the payment Operator and/or other person, engaged for processing the payment system.

3.  The price of payment can be changed in one-side way by the Administrator, while making changes in the current Agreement. 

4.  All questions about getting connection and access to the internet, purchases and settings of the correspondent equipment and programming products are being solved by the User and are not included in the conditions of the current Agreement. All payments done in the address of the Administrator do not include the payment of internet or data traffic. Your internet provider or mobile operator can charge a fee for the increase of your traffic data. If you are not informed about the price of traffic data in accordance to the used tariff, you should contact your internet provider or mobile Operator.       

5.  Ways of Payment

Payments are made with the help of payment systems like Stripe, 4 Pay and Idram with a usage of all opportunities provided by this payment systems.

1.  During the payment the User is obliged to use only credit card of his/her own, and that there is a correspondent agreement between bank and the User. In case of the intended usage of other person’s card, the User shall be responsible for damage that can be/was caused to the user of that card during the above mentioned actions. 

2.  During the payment for Subscription, the User is obliged to use only his/her personal mobile phone account, and that there is an agreement between him/her and the mobile operator. In case of the intended usage of other person’s mobile phone account, the User shall be responsible for damage that can be/was caused to the user of that mobile during the above mentioned actions.   

3.  The entrance to the registered account of the User, can be done by his/her authorization. 

4.  In case of forgetting the information and/or impossibility to enter to his/her account, the User can update it by entering his/her e-mail address (login), and will automatically get an email with the link for resetting the password. 

6.  Realization of advertising actions

1.  In case of realizing advertising actions the Subscription fee can be changed.

2.  The price of Subscription in accordance to the advertizing actions is saved only for the active period of the current advertisement. 

3.  By the end of the realization of advertizing actions the Subscription fee is being defined in accordance to the point 3.1 of the Agreement.

7.  Subscription Procedure

1.  Step one- registration in the Service

2.  Step two- introduction and acceptance of the terms of the current Agreement and politics of Confidentiality.

3.  Step three- registration and verification of the credit card of the User. 

4.  Step four- Automatic transfer of funds from the credit card.

8.  Payment return procedure

1.  In case of wrong transfer of funds, you can contact the service of the technical support via support@arev.tv

2.  The return of the funds is being made on the card from which it was transferred on the basis of the written letter of the User, document confirming identity and confirmation of the made payment in the terms of not more than 60 (sixty) working days from the date of contacting the support service.  

9.  If you do not want to continue using the Service you should contact technical support service by this email: support@arev.tv 

10. You can cancel the Subscription only on the next day of subscription.

11. The funds are not returned for the paid period of Subscription

12. The funds for the paid period of Subscription are not returned if:

1.  the User stops to use the Service, while having paid Subscription;

2.  access to the Content is finished in accordance to the end of rights for using the Content;

3.  the Administrator blocked or imposed other sanctions towards the User in accordance to the current Agreement violations;

4.  technical feathers of the used devices and/or the software do not correspond to the technical requirements of the Service, set by the current Agreement;

5.  during the Subscription payment, the User provided wrong details about him/her.

6.  if the Administrator considers the activities of the User as fraud or wrong on destabilization of the Service, damaging the reputation of the Service or brand, DDoS attack organization, video pirating, etc.  

7.  if there is a reasoned written letter of the card owner (with condition that the confirming documents will be provided) about the fact of an inappropriate usage of his/her credit card.

13. The Administrator has the right to refuse to give a Subscription to the User (or, by choice of the Administrator to stop the operations made by the correspondent credit card) in the following cases: 

§ if the User is not following the procedure of Subscription;

§ in case of not accepting the conditions of the current Agreement;

§ in case of not getting an information about successfully checked details of the credit card;

§ in case of receiving a refusal from the payment Operator and/or issuer of credit card about making any operations with the current card;

§ in case of refusal of transferring funds from the mobile phone account;

§ if the Administrator considers the activities of the User as fraud or wrong on destabilization of the Service, damaging the reputation of the Service or brand, DDoS attacks, etc.

        The Administrator does not carry any responsibilities for late entries or delays in the funds receipt for reasons that do not depend on him/her, including disruptions in the payment systems, payment runaways, banks and other people involved in the payment process.  

        The User and The Administrator in accordance to the current Agreement confirm and accept, that the access to the Content is considered provided in the moment of the Subscription payment.

        By the end of the Subscription period Content is no longer available for the User.

        The User carries the responsibility for the compatibility of his device with the Service and the possibility of his device to launch the Content. In case if the User’s device is not compatible with the Content format, the Administrator is not responsible for the recovery of the User’s Subscription payment.   



        Auto-extension of Subscription

The Subscription payment can be done without direct involvement of the User, but with his prior agreement on the permanent basis, on automatic transfer of his funds from the credit card of the User, in accordance to the conditions and rules of the bank and/or payment system, in terms of available funds on that card. This point, with many other functions on the Service, is a constituted acceptance of the User on the agreed contract of his/her bank transfer of funds from his account during Subscription procedure. The transfer of fund for the Subscription is systematic, monthly. In case of no funds on the card of the User during the moment of automatic transfer, the automatic transfer can be done for several times until the successful transfer of funds. The next Subscription is equal to 1 (one) Month.      


        Rights of the User:

        to use to the fullest all functional possibilities provided by the Service, in terms of paying the Subscription fee; 

        to use the active data and commands

        to use inactive data and commands after Administrator’s Reward payment and finishing the Registration procedure. 


        User’s duties

1. To follow the conditions of the current Agreement;

Avoid to do things that can be aimed to destabilize work of Service, to try to do unauthorized access to the Service, 

2. To take appropriate measures for providing with safety the account, credit card linked to the account and password. The User carries responsibility for all his/her actions done on the Resource in the account (Login and Password). The User should immediately inform the Administrator about any access to the Resource (Service) by the third person under the User’s account. The User does not have any right to transmit, assign, sell, transmit the account for the usage on the Resource.   

The User has the right to create more than one account, in terms of, that the creation of more than one account for the same email address (Login) will not be possible.

0.  Not to confuse the Administrator and/or other Users according his/her personality;

1.  Not to pursue actions for getting access to the third person’s account, by selecting login and password, hacking or by other actions.   

2.  Independently follow the changes in the current Agreement on the Website: www.arev.tv

3.  The user, who is under 18, has to undertake to refrain from watching the sections Service and Content, which are intended to be for adult audience. 

4.  The User gets the right to use active and inactive data and commands in terms of the current Agreement.

        Administrator’s Rights

0.  To define the Content, at the same time to change and update the Content available on the Service, structure and design of the Website, let and limit access to the Website in accordance to the current Agreement;

1.  Solve problems connected with commercial usage of the Website, in particular, the questions about the possibilities to place an advertisement, participation in the partner programs, etc. 

2.  In case of the current Agreement’s violations, to stop, to limit or to quit the access to the Website of the User unilaterally, as well as to block the possibility to use the Service.   

3.  To place advertising and/or other information in any section of the Resource (Service), to which the User agrees through Acceptance of the current Agreement;  

4.  To establish age limits for the Content access, published in the Website, intended to be for an audience of certain age.

5.  The Administrator has the right to apply any actions, not contradicting to the legislation in force, applicable to the current Agreement, with the aim of not allowing unauthorized access to the Service, to the Content placed on it, destabilization of the Service’s work. 


        Administrator’s Responsibilities

0.  To provide technical possibilities for getting access to the Website within the Territory, in the order, described in the current Agreement.  

1.  To provide the User with the right of freely using active data and commands by internet.

2.  To provide the User with the right to use inactive data and command, after payment.


        After registration on the Website, in the order, defined in the current Agreement, the User gets access to his/her account.

        In the terms of the current Agreement, under “account”, it is understood the account that contains information necessary for the User’s identification, and authorization.

        With the help of the account the User can:



        The User not reached the age of 18, has to abstain watching the Content 18+ and /or using the Service without his/her parents’ , adoptive parents’, foster parents’, guardians’ or other legal representatives’ agreement in accordance to the legislation in force. Otherwise, responsibility, in case of violations of conditions in the current Agreement, not reached for the needed age, lies on their parents, adoptive parents, foster parents, guardians or other legal representatives in accordance to the legislation in force.   

        The User guarantees that while using the Website, he/she is not taking and will not take any activities that can circumvent technological measures’ protection from unauthorized usage of the Website, particularly, copying the Content.  

        The User is responsible for his/her Login and Password safety, as well as, what will be done on the Website after authorization under his Login and Password. With this, the User agrees that any activities taken under his/her Login and Password are recognized as User’s. The Administrator has the right to forbid the usage of certain Logins and/or remove from circulation. The User has to immediately inform the Administrator about any unauthorized access from his/her Login and Password and/or any security violation.


        The Administrator is not responsible towards the User or other third person for:

0.  The content and legality, accuracy of information used/got by the User on the Website. Opinions of visitors and hosts are not always coincide with the Administrator’s.

1.  The quality of products/works/services, acquired by the User, after watching advertisements published on the Website and of the possibility of their mismatches to the generally accepted standards or the User’s expectations;  

The Website can contain links to the other resources in the internet. The User accepts and agrees that Administrator is not controlling and does not have any responsibilities for availability of that resources and for their content, as well as for any results concerning the usage of that resources 


        The User confirms and agrees that the Website can be not available while using a device that does not correspond to the technical requirements.

        The quality of the Content and Website’s functioning is based on the speed of internet and other criteria, as well as, the model of the device in use.

        Administrator takes all activities depending on him/her for providing uninterrupted work of Website, however, is not responsible for the interruptions of its work (as well as, emergency, preventive), for not enough quality or speed of providing the data.  


        All used and published materials in the Website are the result of intellectual work, as well as the Website itself is the intellectual property of the legal right holders and are protected by the legislation of The Republic of Armenia, law on intellectual property, also by the correspondent international agreements. Any usage of the intellectual work results(including the elements of visual design, symbols, texts, graphic images, illustrations, photos, videos, programs, music and other items) published on the Website without prior agreement with the Administrator or the legal right holder are illegal and can serve as a reason for the judicial proceedings and can lead the violator to the social, administrative and criminal prosecution in accordance to the legislation in force of the Republic of Armenia.   

        The access to the results of the intellectual works published on Website are provided to the Administrator exclusively for personal noncommercial usage, with the aim to get acquainted with them only through Website.  

        Any activities of the User taken to circumvent technological measures of security, in accordance to the current Agreement, with the aim to get access for watching the Content, will be considered as infringement of copyright, and the User carries legal liabilities by himself/herself.   

        In case the Content, or other information available on Website, be given as public, for example, in the entertainment establishments or places for leisure activities, organizers of such public makings will be responsible and solve claims of right holders and/or third persons, associated with such use, by themselves.     

        Activities, except the cases when Administrator or right holder explicitly agreed to freely use the result of intellectual work by any person. 

        Access to the content is given to the Users in the territories of the Russian Federation, except ships, planes under the RF flag, in an open sea/open air; consulates and diplomatic representatives situated in the territory of the receiving state. The territorial area for providing the Service is being done with the help of specialized programs that identify the location of the User at the moment of receiving the access to the Content by IP address of the User’s device.   



        The current Agreement is signed for an unlimited period and is applied to the Users from the moment of Acceptance of Agreement. 

        The Administrator has the right without prior informing as well as any responsibilities towards the User(except the duty of refunding the half of the paid Subscription fee in proportion to the period before its time ends, which was not given, because of termination of Websites functioning), to change or to stop the functioning of the website and/or the provided access to the Content , as well as to change the conditions of accessing the Content.

        The current Agreement and the relations between the Administrator and the User are regulated in accordance to the legislation of the Republic of Armenia. Questions, that are not regulated by the current Agreement, are supposed to be solved in accordance to the legislation of the Republic of Armenia.

        The Sides agreed that all disputes, risen from the relations of Sides, regulated by the current Agreement, should be solved in the competent court, at the location of the Administrator with the must of following the pre-trial procedure for disputes settlement. The deadline for the answer to the claim is not more than 10 (ten) working days.