Privacy policy


In this section is explained what kind of private data about you is passed through our system, how we protect them and how we guarantee their safety and what kind of responsibility we take in case of their lose or disclosure.


Collection of Information

  • In case of the questions risen about your account, conditional payment, emerged problems with the payment, questions about privacy policy, doubts according data breach, cookie usage etc, you can contact us via e-mail
  • For getting an information to your general questions you can contact our operators through the e-mail

  • Would like to inform you, that you should be at least registered user of the website Atv or be a Premium account user. Before helping you with your questions, we should identify you with the help of confirming your account. For that you should tell the operators your login.
  • In the process of identification there is no need to inform us your password, even if the operator asks it. In that case you can refer to this document of the Privacy Policy.

During the registration or the purchase of the Premium account you voluntarily give us a working e-mail address, name and surname, type, number and CVR code of your bank card.

Information we collect automatically

We automatically get:

  • information about how often you use our service, your usage of our advertisements,
  • information about your digital device, that you use for registration on our site.
    For example:
    type of the device and operation system, IP address, URL address, browser history and web-server. As well as the information that are collected with the help of cookie technologies and other similar technologies.
    In the case of necessity the whole received information will be used for service improvements, quick reactions on the risen problems, administration and quick solution of the problems.
  • As well as resolving confusions emerged by the fault of the clients, or the web site disruptions.
  • This information also helps to understand and analyze the preferences of our audience, to understand which content is more preferable to what segment of the audience considering the age, location etc.
  • In some certain cases we share the received information with our partners for ensuring qualitative and smooth work of the web site. For example we use the information about the quantity and audience location for effective marketing strategy of promoting among the Armenian audience worldwide.
  • We share the information with our IT partners for ensuring better IT maintenance of the internet channel. Or with our financial partners for ensuring transactions of the bank cards from all over the world in case of following high security standards for our clients.
  • During the provision of the services our partners can have access to your information. But we do not allow them to use or publish the information for other aims.

Use of Information

    can share the confidential information by the order of the court or other law enforcement agencies with the aim of finding violations, different types of crime preventions or for supporting the investigations. In this cases we will be guided by international normative acts, official appeals of the government structures or the decisions made by different courts.    
For a comfortable usage a lot of gadgets have a function “remember on this device”. This function was made for your comfort, for not entering login/password every time you want to enter your account. But in case of losing the device the data will be available not only for you and for the web site We recommend you, first of all, in case of selling the device to deactivate all accounts and delete settings of from the current device, as well as, from all the devices synchronized with that gadget. This can be done in the settings of the browser, available on your electronic devices. Drawing your attention on the thing that people who have access to your profile and account can use the confidential information for their own aims. Second of all, we recommend to log out from the account every time when you finish using web site, for minimizing your data to get into other people’s hands.          



  Total labeling of the web site corresponds to 18+. Respectively for getting a Premium account on you should turn 18 years old. For just registration on the site it is enough to be 6, because the free content corresponds to 6+. In the separate cases for getting a Premium account for the children below 18 can be made with the agreement of their parents or caregivers. Drawing your attention that all responsibility in this current question lies on people who are legally responsible for rights of minors.

Bringing to your attention that the current document can be updated, in accordance to the changes of international laws, high security of your data on our web site or providing security of our internet resource. In this case you should periodically check on the updates of the document “Privacy Policy” on the web site or on our app.